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ALSPA Control System : Control System - ALSPA Control System Advanced

Course Schedule

Location :  Birr, Switzerland

Start Date
BLCMay 13,14,15,16,17 (2024)
BLCOctober 07,08,09,10,11 (2024)

Course Description




Course Description                    This course familiarizes participants with redundant operation of MFC3000 controllers. Participants will learn about installation of new MFC3000 controller, ASLPA HMI and CONTROCAD tools. Acronis backup image procedure will also be discussed. They will learn how                                                   to do online modification in application code of a running MFC3000 controller. Limitation of online modification and its consequences will also be discussed. They will learn about MFC3000 firmware. Participants will learn basic concept of Profibus. Profibus system                                                             configuration and Profibus advanced troubleshooting using ProfiTrace tool will also be discussed. Participants will also have a chance to learn DEPP2000. At the end of the course there will a site visit, where a brief demonstration of the components/topics discussed in                                                     the classroom will be provided. 


Duration                                     5 days


Target Audience                         Electrical Maintenance 

                                                  Instrumentation & Controls




General Prerequisites                Participants should have:

  1. Knowledge of power plants
  2. Intermediate skills regarding ALSPA control systems
  3. Able to read technical documents

Course Prerequisites                 Attended the following course(s):

    • Control System - ALSPA Control System Fundamentals
    • Control System - ALSPA Control System Intermediate

Class Size                                  Maximum number of students: 12


Learning Objectives                   This course will provide basic knowledge on the following:

  1. Understand MFC3000 redundant operation
  2. Perform new MFC3000 installation
  3. Perform new CONTROCAD engineering station and new ALSP HMI station installation
  4. Perform online application code modification
  5. Understand Profibus basic concept
  6. Perform Profibus equipment configuration and Profibus advanced troubleshooting using ProfiTrace tool
  7. Perform DEPP2000 configuration

Course Content                          INTRODUCTION

  1. Instructor background
  2. Participant background
  3. Course schedule
  4. Entry Test


  1. Hardware set-up for MFC3000 redundant operation
  2. Firmware upgrade
  3. IP address set-up (primary and secondary controllers)
  4. New CONTROCAD engineering station and ALSPA HMI station installation


  1. Online modification of MFC3000 and its limitations
  2. Impact of hardware modification and software with respect to online modification
  3. Controller faults detection in redundant MFC3000 operation
  4. Initiating automatic switchover of controllers due to faults (e.g. EPL network fault)


  1. PROFIBUS DP/PA fundamentals
  2. PROFIBUS architecture and main components
  3. GSD files and PROFIBUS installation guideline
  4. PROFIBUS network and devices addressing
  5. PROFIBUS master configuration in CCAD using Sycon
  6. PROFIBUS configuration within CONTROCAD


  1. PROFIBUS commissioning and trouble Shooting
  2. PROFIBUS diagnostic using ALSPA maintenance server
  3. Trouble shooting of PROFIBUS faults with ProfiTrace


  1. DEPP 2000 Introduction
  2. DEPP2000 viewer installation and recorder configuration
  3. Start/Stop DEPP 2000 recorder
  4. Exporting a record for offline analysis
  5. Online trend viewer on DEPP2000
  6. Site visit
  7. Open discussion & feedback
  8. Final test