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Control System (Distance Learning): D-CON13409 - Control Server and Thin Client Familiarization

There are currently no Courses Scheduled for D-CON13409 - Control Server and Thin Client Familiarization.

Course Description



Course Description

The Control Server system centrally stores and runs the site Human Machine Interface (HMI) computers as virtual machines.  The virtual HMI (vHMI) computers are then accessed by operators at a local Thin Client terminal. 

This training course will explain the structure and use of the Control Server system.  It will provide explanation of the virtual environment and the physical hardware used to host the vHMIs.


2 Days

Target Audience

  • Leadership
  • Supervisors
  • Operations
  • Instrumentation & Controls


Participants should have:

  • A reasonable ability to read and understand spoken English (Instructions, help files, and menus are in English)
  • Control system experience
  • Computer literacy

Class Size

Maximum number of students: 6

Learning Objectives

This course will provide basic knowledge on the following:

  • Understand the Control Server / Thin Client infrastructure and how it interfaces with the Virtual Machines
  • Identify the Control Server / Thin Client HMI architecture and perform basic tasks
  • Recognize the standard features of the Thin Client Terminal
  • Understand the file structure used within a typical vHMI


Lesson 5 – DOmain Operation

  1. Explain the purpose and operation of a domain and domain controllers
  2. Explain the domain Operational Unit and its function within the domain
  3. Discuss how to manage users within a domain
  4. Be able to describe typical users and user groups within the Control Server domain
  5. Be able to describe the typical roles within the Control Server domain.

Lesson 6 – Thin Client integration and COnfiguration

  1. Explain how Thin Client terminals are integrated into the domain
  2. Describe the Thin Client boot process
  3. Discuss the purpose and function of the File Based Write Filter

LESSON 7 – VMware

  1. Discuss the topology of the virtual environment
  2. Be able to explain the purpose and function of the following VMWare components:
    1. Hypervisor
    2. vCenter Appliance
    3. vCenter Server
    4. vSphere Clients
    5. vSAN
  3. Explain how to connect to the vCenter Appliance using the Client or Web Client applications


  1. Veeam Backup System:
    1. Backup System Architecture
    2. Repositories - Short Term & Long Term
    3. Incremental Backups
    4. Backup Schedules
    5. Performance Throttles
    6. Hypervisor Integration Simplex
    7. Hypervisor Integration High Availability