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Aeroderivative Controls: DLE Familiarization and Mapping Overview

Course Schedule

Location :  Houston, TX

Start Date
TXSeptember 16,17,18 (2024)

Course Description

DLE Familiarization and Mapping Overview




Course Description

This course offers an insight into the design philosophy and software of the DLE control system. The course also provides an overview of the "mapping" of the gas turbine control schedules, cause and effect information, interpretation of alarm data and troubleshooting of alarms. In addition, the course includes a "lessons learned" section and practice solving actual field problems.


3 Days

Target Audience

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  • Supervisors
  • Operations


  • Ability to speak and understand English
  • Reasonable computer skills
  • Basic understanding of gas turbine equipment and its operation
  • Familiarity with control systems

Class Size

Maximum number of students: 12

Learning Objectives

This course will provide basic knowledge on the following:

  • Hardware (SAC versus DLE differences)
  • Configurations and improvements
  • Fuel requirements
  • DLE description and emissions basics
  • Bulk flame temperatures and ring flame temperatures
  • Bleed control and staging
  • Three valve and four valve fuel systems
  • When to map
  • Boundary identification
  • Interpreting emissions


Course Content


  1. Instructor background
  2. Participant background
  3. Course schedule

Lesson 1 – Introduction to DLE Mapping

  1. Introduction to Mapping and DLE
  2. DLE History & Fleet information
  3. Combustion Basics
  4. Fuel Properties and Measurement
  5. Premixed Flame & AFR
  6. Emissions and Measurement
  7. LM Engine History and DLE Milestones
  8. Combustor: SAC vs. DLE

LESSON 2 – Hardware and Instrumentation

  1. DLE Hardware and Instrumentation
  2. DLE 1.5 15PPM & DLE 2
  3. DLE Field Issues
  4. Pre-mixer Flow Check
  5. Control System Overview
  6. Bulk Flame Temperature
  7. Bleed and Staging Control
  8. Ring Flame Temperature

Lesson 3 – Mapping

  1. When to Map?
  2. Finding Acoustic Boundaries
  3. Finding Blowout Boundaries
  4. Outputs from Mapping
  5. Emissions Signatures