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Self-Paced Courses: Control System - Mark VIe Cimplicity ActivePoint - Online Series with Simulation

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Price: $1,000.00 USD

Course Description



Active Point Mark VIe Screen Shot

Course Description

ActivePoint™ is an enhanced HMI designed and developed by User Experience (UX) teams to improve usability, accessibility, and ease of use in the interaction of operator and display. The ActivePoint™ HMI increases user efficiency, responsiveness, and awareness. It provides advanced features and intuitive visual coding, contextual data and the ability to determine the root cause of a critical event ‘at a glance’. It is designed with an enhanced alarm system, which provides features such as; Go to Display Screen, Alarm Help, and Go to Definition in Logic. ActivePoint™ Alarm Filtering and Viewing enhances usability and provides the user with a better understanding of the alarms.

This course will cover the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and interact with an ActivePoint™ HMI.

Access to a virtualized cloud hosted HMI with GT simulation will allow the student to apply course objectives hands-on following guided lab procedures.

This course is designed as a self-paced, web-based training curriculum. Narrated presentations, demonstration videos and guided lab exercises will be utilized as part of training. Exercises are provided to allow the student to assess their understanding of key concepts.


4 weeks access; 1-2 hours per week

Target Audience



Electrical Maintenance

Instrumentation & Controls


Participants should have:

  • Course material is in English; therefore, a reasonable ability to read and understand English is required.
  • Computer with internet connection, 1.2 Mbps (150 Kbyte/s) or higher connection recommended
  • Mark™ VIe Training - Online Series or equivalent training/experience recommended

Class Size

Remote access.

Learning Objectives

This course will provide basic knowledge on the following:

  • Explain the purpose of ActivePoint™ Display Hierarchy, levels L1 through L4
  • Identify major components of the screen anatomy by site.
  • Navigate to a specific screen when asked by using the L2 Tabs and L3 L4 Navigation Menu
  • Navigate to a specific screen when asked by using the Home Screen
  • Navigate to a previous screen when asked by using the Back, Forward, and Previous List functions
  • Navigate to a screen containing specific data by using the Point Find function when a signal name is given such as ‘TNR’
  • Recognize various screen objects, called Widgets, and their uses
  • Identify type of sensor reading (Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level) by the shape of a Bar Chart
  • Identify if an object on the screen has a Faceplate/Pop-Up
  • Demonstrate the use of Faceplates/Pop-Ups to identify sensor values and limits
  • Identify screen object with abnormal condition quickly using Color/Visual Codes when presented with a screen containing faulted device or active alarms
  • Place an alarm Out of Service from the alarm screen
  • Identify the current state of an alarm/alert by its associated Alarm Icon
  • Identify the priority of an alarm/alert by its associated Alarm Icon shape and Color/Visual Codes
  • View Alarm Help for a specific alarm that is displayed on the Alarm Screen
  • View Alarm Help for a specific alarm that is displayed on a Group Alarm Pop-Up
  • Add a Comment to a specific alarm when the Alarm Help screen is open

Course Content

Course Introduction

  1. Welcome videos
  2. Student Guides
  3. Simulator Access

Lesson 1 - Introduction to ActivePoint™

  1. Introduction to ActivePoint™ Presentation
  2. Demonstration Videos
  3. Introduction to ActivePoint™ Lab

Lesson 2 - ActivePoint™ Alarms

  1. ActivePoint™ Alarms Presentation
  2. Demonstration Videos
  3. ActivePoint™ Alarms Lab

Lesson 3 - Sequential Function Chart Basics

  1. Sequential Function Chart Basics Presentation
  2. Demonstration Videos
  3. Sequential Function Chart Basics Lab

Lesson 4 - Sequential Function Chart Advanced

  1. Sequential Function Chart Advanced Presentation
  2. Demonstration Videos
  3. Sequential Function Chart Advanced Lab