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Generator & Electrical Training: Generator Theory

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Price: $100.00 USD

Course Description


Web Based Training

Generator Theory

Course Description

This online course provides the fundamentals of generator theory. It covers the factors that affect the induction of current and explains the operation of AC, 3-phase generators and is divided into two modules.

  • Basics of Electromagnetism:  teaches you about the characteristics of magnetic flux and the factors affecting current induced in a conductor.
  • Components and Operation of an AC Generator:  teaches you about the major components and operation of an AC, 3-phase synchronous generator. It also explains the tabular sequence winding diagram.


1 Hour

Target Audience

All personnel


Ability to understand and speak English

Class Size


Learning Objectives

This course will provide basic knowledge on the following:

  • Characteristics of magnetic flux and the factors affecting current induced in a conductor
  • 3-phase windings, connections to the power system and WYE connection to the ground/ neutral in a generic diagram of an AC, 3-phase synchronous generator
  • Rotating field in a generic diagram of an AC, 3 phase synchronous generator
  • How the physical components of an AC, 3-phase synchronous generator create 3-phase current
  • Actual 3-phase stator winding diagram: top and bottom armature bars; turbine and generator end connections; armature terminals; core slots
  • Tabular sequence winding diagram

Course Content

LESSON 1 – Basics of Electromagnetism

  1. Introduction
  2. Definitions
  3. Magnetic Flux
  4. Induction of Current in a Conductor

LESSON 2 – Components and Operation of an AC Generator

  1. Introduction
  2. Components
  3. Operation

LESSON 3 – Exam

  1. Multiple Choice Exam (12 Questions)